Extreme Cold Weather Gear Bag

Description of a gear bag meant for cold weather protection

20 Lessons Learned From 10 Events

Observations from public service events

What do do in an actual emergency

First steps when the big one hits.

Emergency Preparedness While On Vacation

When you go on vacation how do you keep a level or prepardness?

HT Go Bags

The HT Go Bag is your most basic bag for communications. Make sure you have the right items on board.

Reasonable Redundancy

There are some lessons to be learned about finding the balance between not enough gear and too much gear.

S.E.N.D. Protocol

Public Safety dispatch centers are have been using a protocol called S.E.N.D.

Preparing Your Equipment For Deployment

Go‐bags is a concept that you have pre‐staged, tested, and understood equipment and supplies ready to go at a moment's notice.

4 Keys To Successful Communications

Before embarking it is good idea to take a step back first and establish a statement or mission statement for what you want to accomplish.

Communicating in a Fog of War

Part of being an effective communicator is to not only relay accurate information. But also realize you do not see the full picture.

Winter Preparedness

With winter storms, our roads become impassible and our electrical infrastructure has greater odds of failing. We need to prepare ourselves and our equipment for cold weather.

Overcoming the Phenomenon of Get-There-Itis

Get-There-Itis is the phenomemon of trying to get where you are going while ignoring safety concerns. This article addresses how to overcome this issue.